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Basharat Expresses Wish To Form Corruption Commission

LAHORE: Provincial law minister Punjab Raja Basharat has expressed wish to form corruption commission in Punjab on the lines of the federal government.

Addressing a presser in Punjab Assembly cafeteria, Punjab’s Law Minister Raja Basharat praised PM announcement of the formation of corruption commission and expressed wish to form such commission in the province.

Raja Basharat said that the reaction came on the arrest of opposition leaders clarified that the opposition movement will not get momentum.

Punjab’s law minister said that if army generals and politicians can face accountability then everyone should face it while the government has nothing to do with the case related to Justice Qazi Faiz Essa.

He said that it is speaker PA prerogative to issue production orders for Hamza Shahbaz while we try to present people friendly budget.

The minister said that it is praiseworthy that the opposition told lies adding that Shahbaz should look his past statements before supporting Asif Ali Zardari.