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Bismah’s father still waiting for job

Faisal Baloch, the father of baby girl Bismah, who died from not getting the medical treatment due toBilawal Bhutto Zardari’s VIP protocol, is still waiting for employment despite government promises and assurances.

Ten-month-old baby Bismah had died on December 23 due to not giving the timely treatment due to the VIP protocol. Sindh Minister for Human Rights Nadia Gabol has also not been able to help Bismah’s family.

Faisal Baloch says that Nadia Gabol had told him that there is a ban on induction in government jobs and thus the letter could not be issued but I could be issued the employment letter through an executive order. I have been offered assurances on daily bases but I have been insulted by running hither and thither, he added.

Bilawal Bhuttoo Zardari had assured me himself to get me a job when he visited us on the day of Bismah’s Soyem, he added.