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BJP Candidate Welcomed With A Royal Garland Of Shoes

Delhi (January 09, 2018): When elections are around the corner, our political leaders roam around with a list of promises longer than the great wall of China.

They paint themselves as saintly intellectuals who want nothing but to serve the public. Once the elections are done, they draw a complete blank “Promises? What promises? What do you mean you want electricity in your village?” Sounds familiar, right?In what looks like an act of serious condemnation, a man in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district greeted a BJP candidate with garlands of shoes while he was campaigning. Dinesh Sharma, the BJP candidate for Dhamnod Civic election, was going from door-to-door seeking people’s support for the election.

The incidenthappened in broad daylight on Sunday, when Dinesh was out to seek votes for his party.

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