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Black sheep in Khi Police: Mystery of policeman’s murder at Korangi Causeway firing solved

KARACHI: Police has solved the mystery surrounding the killing of a policeman and injuring another at Korangi Causeway on September 30, when they were shifting two under-trial prisoners from an Anti-Terorism Court to police station after securing their physical remand. The investigation officer of the case, who was accompanying the slain policeman on their way back to police station from the court, turned out to be a black sheep, who not only helped the accused flee but also got his colleague killed just for seven lakh rupees. It is to be mentioned here that two under-trial prisoners Imtiaz Rind and Abdul Malik had killed a policeman and seriously injured another at Korangi Causeway on September 30 when they were being brought from the ATC in a private vehicle after securing their remand.

The target killers were involved in target killing of police personnel Yousuf Lodhi and two milk sellers. The Investigation Officer of the case Abid Jokhio, who was also accompanying the accused, had remained unhurt in the firing incident.

Police said that the IO Abid Jokhio had confessed his involvement in the case. As per his revelation, he struck a deal with a drug peddler group of Lyari against Rs7 lakh to help the accused flee from custody.

During investigation the IO changed his statement several times which made him suspicious. When he was grilled thoroughly by the police, he confessed his involvement in the murder, and revealed that he had facilitated the under-trail prisoners not only in their escape but also in the killing of his colleague.

Police said that it had recovered the weapon used in the crime.
This incident highlights that how policemen in Karachi are hand in gloves with criminals and gangsters and act as their facilitators.