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Blind People Will Also Be Able To Enjoy The Views During Travel

Web Desk(May 06, 2018): A famous car making company has launched its new feature with the name “Feel The View” which helps visually impaired people to imagine the view outside. 

When the user presses its single button, it takes a picture of the scenery outside and converts it into a high contrast image on the glass of the passenger window using built-in LEDs. One doesn’t have to necessarily see these, but touching the glass in different parts generates vibrations that correlate to how dark or bright that spot is. Running a hand across the scene gives an overall “picture” of what it’s like outside.The following video helps to understand how the system is used through the experience of a few blind Italians living in picturesque mountainous areas. We wonder, though, if it would simply vibrate at a constant boring frequency when driving through the corn-rich plains of Nebraska.

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