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Body of Karachi Women Killed For Honour Exhumed

Karachi (September 12, 2018): Karachi Police exhumed the body of a woman who was reportedly killed for honour by her in-laws last month in the city.

According to details, the woman named Safdana was killed on August 28 in Bhittaiabad area of Karachi by her in-laws after they saw her talking to a neighbour. The murder said to be committed in connivance with the family of deceased.

Additional Police Surgeon Iqrar Abbasi conducted the postmortem and revealed that the woman was tortured before being shot seven times in different parts of her body. Police had sought permission from the trial court for exhumation of the body, which was granted.Earlier today, a team from Airport police station reached the graveyard and exhumed the body of the deceased.

Four suspects including the deceased’s father-in-law were arrested two days ago while police is conducting raids to arrest the woman’s maternal uncle and a cousin in the case.

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