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Bollywood Diva Deepika’s Birthday Today

Mumbai (January 05, 2018) Lucky enough to have a solid start in Bollywood with Om Shanti Om, not many could have thought she would come this far. But the fabulous Deepika Padukone proved herself as a mature actress, not to mention a fashion icon that would roll heads.

Padukone turns 32 today, and her fans are as generous in their praise today as they should be.When the first poster of Padmavati released, spotting it on the front page of a leading Indian daily, one was struck by the magic of Deepika Padukone.So many models have come and gone but just a handful of them remain in public memory. Even during a brief career as a model, Deepika’s name was often taken in the same breath as Mehr Jessia, Aishwarya Rai, Nayonika Chatterjee, Sonalika Sahay among others. All models are tall and slender, but I distinctly recall Deepika flashing her 100-watt smile even then.

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I remember asking myself: just when did this girl from a middle class Indian family transform into this goddess-queen? May be, it was her director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s conviction, perhaps it was getting into the look and feel of the character she is playing… I couldn’t put a finger to it but something was just so compelling. One saw a strong woman — warm and forgiving yet unrelenting and brave in the face of adversity.Her next film, the ambitious Padmavati, now named Padmavat, has been mired in controversy. In November Rajput groups opposed it, in what they claim, is a distortion of history.

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