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Boy who builds football stadiums out of Lego

BERLIN: A 10-year-old boy from Crawley has combined his two main passions – football and lego.

Joe Bryant has built some of Germany’s big stadiums, pitch by pitch, and plastic brick by brick.

They are so impressive that he’s become somewhat of a mini-celebrity over there. Each stadium uses 2000 pieces and so far he has built seven.

His aim is to complete all clubs in the German League. His stadiums are almost identical to the real thing and it’s made this ten-year-old a star in Germany. Joe says the best reception he got was in Nuremberg.

Joe says he chose German stadiums because the fans are very loud and the stadiums are different.

He’s been building stadiums since he was five and shows no signs of stopping now. Joe says he’s got twelve more German clubs left to finish and then he will start in English teams.