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Brazilian football legend Carlos Arbeto is no more

Brizilian football legend Carlos Alberto has died from a heart attack at the age of 72. He scored the fabulous goal which helped Brazil win the 1970 Football World Cup in Mexico in 1970.

The particular thing about which was that it was the first World Cup that was held outside Europe and North America in South America. Brazil had become the world football champion for the third time.

Brazil had beaten Italy by 4-1 in the Mexico Football world Cup. Carlos Alberto had scored the fourth and the final goal for Brazil.

Carlos Alberto started his career at 19 with Rio de Janero Club. He also played for many American clubs and also served as coach for many clubs after his retirement as professional player. He last served as commentator for a Brazilian TV channel.

Football legend Pele and Francis Bekinesbur has expressed deep grief and sorrow at the demise of Carlos Alberto.