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Brazilian plane crashed due to fuel shortage, electric failure: US media

Pilot of the plane carrying Brazilian football team had told Colombian air traffic control that he had run out of fuel and electric failure, moments before the plane crashed, US media reported.

At least 71 people were killed as the plane crashed into the Andes Mountains. Six out of 77 people onboard survived in the incident. Most of the deceased were Brazilian footballers.

There were six survivors, three players of Brazilian football team, two Bolivian crew members and a journalist. On the audiotape, the pilot can be reportedly heard repeatedly requesting permission to land because of a total electric failure while female controller gives instructions.

Seventy-six travelers including members of Brazilian football team on board a chartered aircraft on way to Colombia that had crashed on its way to  Medellin international airport.

Brazil’s top league Chapeceonse team was flying to play against Atletico Nacional of Medellin tomorrow in the final of Sudamericana event-the South America’s equivalent of the Europa League.