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Bride Allegedly Abducted Outside Salon Wedded Former Fiancé

Karachi (September 26, 2018): A bride-to-be, who was said to have been kidnapped outside a beauty salon, got married to her former fiancé by her own choice in Karachi, said police. 

The police said that the newlyweds have submitted a copy of their ‘Nikkah’ certificate to the relevant police station. The woman was supposed to get married on September 30.

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Shabbir Baloch, the deputy superintendent of police (DSP) for Gulberg, said the missing person case has turned out to not be one of abduction. The investigation-to-date indicates that the girl had called her former fiancé to the parlour to take her with him but when she decided to leave, her younger sister cried for help, alleging that she was being kidnapped.

Upon hearing the sister claiming the bride-to-be was being abducted, people in the area stopped the couple, to which she responded that she was going by her own choice, Baloch added.The DSP also noted that the beauty parlour had no cameras. Police had filed a first information report (FIR) against her former fiancé under the name of bride-to-be’s brother, he said, adding that two of the fiancé’s brothers were taken into custody and moved to the Taimuria police station when authorities raided his residence.

Police, however, have advised the couple to appear in the court and recorded their statements.

The couple has relayed that their lives are in danger, the DSP mentioned, and have asked for security to be provided to them.

Earlier on September 25, a woman mysteriously went missing outside a beauty salon in the city, where she had gone to get ready for one of her pre-wedding functions.

According to the woman’s parents, their daughter was to get married on September 30 and had gone to the salon with her sister for an event. They alleged that her former fiancé kidnapped her from outside the salon.

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On the other hand, police were reluctant to file a case of abduction, claiming that Hira went with her former fiancé, Ahmed*, on own will. The officials added that the man and woman were in contact before the latter went missing.

Nevertheless, police said they have spoken to the people running the salon and would find the missing woman soon.

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