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Twist in Toxic Lassi Case: Bride Poisons over Forced Marriage

Muzaffargarh (October 30, 2017): A woman arrested who poisoned milk to kill her husband which claimed the death of 13 members of the same family.

According to the details, Aasia who was resident of Mauza Walot, poisoned a cup of milk to kill her husband. However, he did not consume the poisoned milk, which was later used to make lassi that resulted in the death of all of the family members who drank the beverage.

Police said Aasia had confessed to poisoning milk. She had recently visited her parents before the incident took place on October 19.

Aasia and her alleged partner are both in police custody and interrogations into the case are underway, the police said.

At least 27 people got affected while 13 lost their lives after drinking the poisonous drink.

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