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Britain Bans Military Wing of Hezbullah, Freezes assets

LONDON: Britain has subjected Lebanon’s entire Hezbollah movement to asset-freezing amid continued tensions with its main sponsor Iran.

Parts of the movement have been banned since 2001, with its military wing outlawed in 2008, but Friday’s announcement means anyone who has financial links to the organisation must sever them or risk prosecution.

The change followed an annual review of the asset-freezing register, bringing it in line with a decision in March to blacklist the group, a treasury spokesman said.

“The UK remains committed to the stability of Lebanon and the region, and we continue to work closely with our Lebanese partners,” the spokesman added.

Hezbollah has “publicly denied a distinction between its military and political wings”, the Treasury said in a notice posted on its website.

“The group in its entirety is assessed to be concerned in terrorism and was proscribed as a terrorist organisation in the UK in March 2019,” it added.

“This listing includes the Military Wing, the Jihad Council and all units reporting to it, including the External Security Organisation.”