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Bus Explodes In Centre Of Stockholm, No One Hurt

STOCKHOKM: There are reports of a large explosion in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden.

Shocked locals have shared video and photos which appear to show an explosion on a bus in the city centre, near the government district.

Others have shared images showing large plumes of black smoke rising high over the buildings.

According to local media, emergency services are on the scene and a bus driver has been taken to hospital.

Police say no passengers were on board the bus when it exploded.

“There were no passengers in the bus. I do not know how it is with the driver, but I have no information that someone is injured,” Police press officer Carina Skagerlind said, according to Aftonbladet.

“I heard a big bang first and then several smaller ones. It seemed like scaffolding collapsed,” one witness told the publication.

Meanwhile, local publication Expressen reports the explosion was triggered when a gas tube with fuel hit a tunnel opening.

The bus company says the bus was not in operation when the incident occurred but was on it’s way to begin it’s route.

Swedish Transport Administration says the explosion will have a “very great traffic impact” and flow on effect into the rest of the weekend.

The bus is reportedly located at the crossing of Tegelbacken in the direction of Norrtull, resulting in the closure of two tunnels – the Klarat tunnel and the Söderled tunnel.