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Businessmen Will Have To Play Ambassador Role For Kashmiris: Mashal Malik

LAHORE: Wife of Kashmir’s Independence movement leader Yasin Malik, Mashal Malik has said that business community is vital to unearth Indian aggression adding that the community will have to become ambassadors of Kashmiris to solve the Kashmir dispute.

A ceremony was held in Lahore Chambers of commerce and Industry expressing solidarity with people of Kashmir while the ceremony was attended by traders, industrialists. Wife of Kashmir independence leader Yasin Malik, Mashal Malik specially attended the ceremony.

Addressing the occasion, Mashal Malik said that the Pakistani business community always suffered a lot due to the Kashmir dispute adding that whenever Pakistan takes the path of development situation in Kashmir gets disturbed aiming at barring Pakistan to flourish.

She said that Indian atrocities have reached new heights at ammunitionless people of Kashmir while its traders have also turned butchers.

The office-bearers of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, traders and business community also expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris brethren and staged protest after the ceremony against Indian action of scrapping special status of the valley.