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Cameraman Covering Fahad Malik Case Tortured Outside Court

ISLAMABAD: A cameraman of private news channel identified as Nasir Mughal was beaten up outside the Islamabad anti-terrorism court after which two people were taken into custody.

According to the police, the attack occurred while the Fahad Malik murder case was being heard in the court. Several journalists and camerapersons were outside the court at this time.

When suspects Raja Arshad, Noman and Hashim exited the court, the cameraman filmed them. This enraged the men, who beat him up. They were in handcuffs, which they used to beat the cameraman with. Their lawyers also beat Mughal up in front of the police, leaving him bruised and bloody.

They also broke his mobile phone during the attack.

Judge Raja Jawad Abbas was informed of the attack and asked to see the cameraman and journalists. He said that the court will file a case against the attack, as will the police.

Judge Abbas ordered the police to immediately arrest the suspects after which two people were taken into custody.