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Canadian Rapper Jon James Dies In Airplane Stunt

Web Desk (October 25, 2018): Jon James has fallen to a tragic death after walking along the wing of a Cessna plane as part of a music video shoot in Vernon, British Columbia.

34 year old famous Rapper Jon James McMurray from Calgary, Alberta, walked too far out on the wing of an airborne Cessna during Saturday’s filming, forcing it into a downward spiral.He eventually let go and couldn’t activate his parachute while falling, which resulted in an immediate death when he hit the ground. Ryan Desrochers of James’ management team told “He impacted and died instantly.

Jon James was an acrobatic skier and often performed stunts for his videos on his YouTube channel. He posted a clip of his daredevil exploits earlier this month.Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called and investigated the incident. According to media,”The pilot regained control of the plane and landed safely”

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