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Car Bomb Blast , Shooting Kill 12 in Somalia

Mogadishu: Militants in Somalia have shot dead a senior manager running the port of Bossaso in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, and a car bomb has killed at least 11 in Mogadishu.

The assassination of Paul Anthony Formosa, a Maltese citizen who worked for the Dubai government-owned P&O Ports, and the bombing in the capital, were both claimed by the extremist group al-Shabaab extremist group.

Hours after the shooting in Bossaso, at least 11 people died in a car bomb explosion in the capital.

Capt Mohamed Hussein, a police official, said at least nine people were also injured in the blast on Monday near a mall close to Mogadishu’s local government offices, in the city’s Hamar Weyne district.

Al-Shabaab said the bombing targeted local administrators.

The attacks came three weeks after a deadly assault by the group on a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi, in neighbouring Kenya.

The US embassy on Monday issued a warning to its citizens about an ongoing threat from Islamic extremists in the east African country.

Yusuf Mohamed, the governor of Puntland’s Bari region, told to an media outlet that two men disguised as fishermen had shot Formosa as he was going to the port.

P&O Ports said an employee had died and three others were injured in an “incident”, without giving further details. The company was cooperating with the Puntland authorities in its investigation, it said in a statement published on Twitter by Dubai’s government media office.

In a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, al-Shabaab accused the victim of being in Somalia illegally.

Al-Shabaab released a statement through Radio Andalus taking credit for the assassination. The group said it previously issued warnings that the Dubai-based company was “illegally taking Somali natural resources”.