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Casting of votes continue in UK for referendum to remain in EU or leave

Will the UK remain in European Union (EU) or not for the decision referendum has been carried out and the voting is continued in over all the UK.

While some areas have complains of mismanagement and voters have been stopped to vote on a polling  station.

According to a news agency registered voters of the UK  46.5 million people are casting their votes and expressing their will to remain in the EU or leave it.

As per the UK time voting will continue till 10 pm in night and as per Pakistan it will continued till 3 am morning.

According to the UK election commission there is tough fight while local media said that the number of people who are against to remain in EU not more than 1 % and it is likely that result of referendum will be in favor of to remain in the EU.

Some cases of mismanagement have been reported that voters were not registered on some polling stations and some voters left the polling station without casting their vote due to mistakes.