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Cattle Markets Jam Packed With Buyers Countrywide

Web Desk (August 19, 2018): Cattle markets across country jam-packed with buyers for the sacrificial animals on last Sunday just before Eid-ul-Adha.

Though there are thousands of animals available in the markets, but their prices are quite high that they are out of reach for an average man. Tough bargaining situation is being witnessed between traders and buyers, as traders expressed their difficulties caused by inflationAll kind of livestock including cows, bulls, camels, goats, lambs are becoming the part of cattle markets across the country, proving to be equally important for the Islamic festival.

Not only cattle markets, but stalls set up for decorations of livestock, are also carrying variety of stuff. Buyers are rushing towards stalls to buy the decorating stuff, and make their animal look the best. According to reports, City administration in Karachi has imposed ban to establish makeshift cattle markets in city except eight places of the city.

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