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Cattle Markets Welcoming Buyers In Large Numbers

Web Desk (August 12, 2018): Cattle markets across the country welcoming buyers in huge numbers on Sunday as Eid ul Azha is just around the corner. 

Cattle markets are teeming with eye-catching sacrificial animals, to grab the spotlight.‘Raju’ is trending in Peshawar, while pair of ‘Black Beauty’ and ‘Tiger’ is becoming center of attention for Karachiites. On the other hand, goats and lambs are proving to be equally important for the Islamic festival.

Heavy and beautiful animals is the wish of every Muslim these days for their sacrificial duty. Though there are thousands of animals available in the markets, but their prices are quite high that they are out of reach for an average man.

On the other hand, sellers also expressing their difficulties, caused by inflation, saying that everything including taxes, animal food and water is quite costly, due to which they are unable to sell cattle at less prices.Eid-ul-Azha: Cattle Markets Start in Various Areas of the CityIn many of the hospitals either the staff is not available to entertain the shepherds and their animals or there is a lack of proper instruments needed to treat the cattle.According to reports, City administration in Karachi has imposed ban to establish makeshift cattle markets in city except eight places of the city.

Meanwhile, a new trend of online Qurbani service has hit the market, and is lately getting quite popular across Pakistan.Citizens are showing keen interest in online purchase of sacrificial animals that can not only save their time but also help them avoid poor conditions and the rush of traffic in highly congested cattle markets.

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