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Celebrate Eid with Desserts

Karachi (June 14, 2018) Eidul Fitr 2017 calls for a sumptuous spread of delicacies to be adorned on your dinner table. If paya curry, a range of kebabs, biryanis and delectable desserts are all that you can think of this Ramzan then you need to brace up for the yummy delights that Muslims across the world traditionally prepare to celebrate the holy month.

With Eidul Fitr- Meethi Eid – just round the corner, we had our curiosity raked and set out to unearth delicacies – unknown to us – that people customary prepare and relish in different parts of the world to mark Ramzan and Eid festivities.


This sweet treat is usually prepared in the form of a cake and may differ in shape and form across Middle Eastern countries. The preparation has many variations and is also available in the form of bread in countries like Lebanon and Tunisia. Semolina based cookies are stuffed with ingredients like dates and walnuts to be finished as delectable desserts. Ka’ak bi ma’moul – semolina cookies – are greatly relished during Eid festivities in many Middle Eastern and Arab countries. Egyptian Muslims are believed to break their fast on the morning of the Eidul Fitr with Ka’ak and a glass of milk.


One can liken this to the desi sooji kheer cum halwa, while it remains the tradition semolina pudding of Syria. Semolina is roasted and then cooked with syrup and a host of nuts and dry fruits with a dash of cinnamon and star anise to seal the deal. It is traditionally sold on the morning of the Eidul  Fitr by local vendors in Syria.

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Another sweet delight, this one hails from Yemen. This looks like a pizza or a crepe. The recipe is fairly simple which involves baking dough in layers, often with a mixture of butter in between, and topping it with honey and nigella seeds.


Malaysian Muslims celebrate Eid, locally called Hari Raya, by preparing small, bite-sized desserts called Kuih. These are generally steamed and include wheat, eggs, butter and sugar as primary ingredients. These treats are not usually confined just as desserts but are also eaten throughout the day owing to their small portion size. Apart from Malaysian Eid festivities, these are also included in Chinese New Year celebrations.

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