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Center directs provinces: No action be taken against Afghan refugees till new policy

A decision has been taken to bring new policy for Afghan refugees while the federal government has barred provincial governments to harass and arrests of Afghan refugees till arrival of the new policy. Provinces have been directed not to take action against Afghan refugees.

The Afghan refugees staying limit in country is going to end on June 30 tomorrow. Sources said that the federal government has taken notice of harassment and arrests of the Afghan refugees in Khybper Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

The KP government has opposed extending the Afghan refugees stay in the country; however, the federal government has instructed the provinces that the Afghan refugees not to be harassed till the new policy appeared.

Sources said that the government has a summary to extend stay of 1.5 million Afghan refugees in the country, while, the provinces have been directed that no action be taken against the Afghan refugees till arrival of the new policy and instruction also be given to concerned departments regarding registered Afghan refugees.

On the other hand the summary is pending as the federal cabinet meeting has not been held for so long. While, United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has strong pressure on Pakistan for the extension of  the Afghan refugees stay in Pakistan.