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Century’s Longest Lunar Eclipse to Show Up Tonight

Web Desk (July 27, 2018): Current year’s second and century’s longest lunar eclipse will occur tonight, with the time duration of 6 hours 14 minutes.

According to astronomers, the total phase of the eclipse called the totality will span for 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds. Apart from this, July’s total lunar eclipse occurs on the same day the planet Mars reaches its opposition and Mars will be at its closest to Earth since 2003. According to astronomers, in Pakistan, the lunar eclipse will start tonight at 10:14 pm and will continue till 04: 28 am tomorrow, according to Pakistan standard time. Whereas, the total lunar eclipse will be experienced for 3 hours 55 minutes. During a lunar eclipse, the moon appears to be red because it lines up perfectly with the Earth and sun such that the Earth’s shadow totally blocks the sun’s light. Residents in other parts of Africa and Asia, as well as those in Europe, Australia, and South America, will be able to see a partial lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon line up perfectly. Previously, the first lunar eclipse of this year showed up on January 31.

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