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Ch Nisar Diatribes over Janjua-India High Commissioner Meet

Islamabad (April 04, 2018): The disgruntle ruling party PML-N leader and former interior minister Chaudhary Nisar lashed out at national security adviser Nasir Janjua meeting with Indian high commissioner and said that his meeting amid Indian brutalities with Kashmiri people beyond the understanding.

In his reaction, outspoken Ch Nisar said, “Before holding such meeting we must think what the message are we delivering to Kashmiri people, however Janjua’s meeting showing all is well in the region, ” he mentioned.

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Their meeting pretended that there was no issue in Kashmir while on the other hand Kashmiri were buried in warping in Pakistan Flags and Indian soil being narrowed for the Pakistani envoys.

“We are talking about friendship and giving expression that Pakistan and India are coming closer,” he said.

He highlighted that amnesty international have already been declared Indian atrocities with Kashmiri as state terrorism and even United Nations has also taken the notice of the aggravate situation.

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