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Chikungunya outbreak in coastal belt of Karachi

KARACHI(May 14, 2017): A mosquito-borne viral fever, Chikungunya has now taken over the coastal belt of Karachi after its first outbreak in Malir district last year.

The ministry of National Health Services (NHS) has reported that over 1,000 cases of Chikungunya fever cases have been reported in Karachi since December 2016.

No causality have been reported so far. Different healthcare authorities in Karachi have estimated the total number of people affected by the current chikungunya outbreak to be more than 30,000.

The outbreak is thought to be the result of this year’s warm winter in Karachi enabling the Aedes mosquito which transmits chikungunya to thrive in the mild temperatures. In addition, the poor sanitation systems in Karachi with open sewers and stagnant water a common feature, provide an excellent breeding environment for mosquitoes throughout the city.

The areas in Karachi where the highest numbers of cases have been reported include Ibrahim Hyderi, Keamari, Malir, Lyari and Baldia town.