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China Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 2715 Spread Around The World Continues

BEIJING:The death toll from the new coronavirus in China has climbed to 2,715, and the number of confirmed cases exceeded 78,000, while over 29,700 people recovered, China’s National Health Commission said on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the commission reported over 77,600 confirmed cases, 2,663 fatalities, and over 27,300 cases of recovery. According to the latest updates, the mortality rate of the new coronavirus stands at 3.47% instead of 3.42% reported a day earlier.

Most people infected with the new coronavirus are reported from Hubei province (over 65,100), where the death toll exceeded 2,600 and around 20,900 people recovered. In the southern Guangdong province, over 1,300 cases were confirmed. In each Henan and Zhejiang province, over 1,200 cases were confirmed in each.

In Beijing, 400 cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed, four people died and 235 more recovered. In the Heilongjiang province bordering Russia, 480 cases were confirmed, 12 people died and 245 others recovered.

According to the authorities, over 79,100 people in China remain under medical supervision after close contacts with those infected, and over 2,400 people remain quarantined. According to medics, over 8,700 people infected with the new coronavirus remain in serious condition.

The Chinese authorities registered an outbreak of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV in the city of Wuhan. Cases of new coronavirus were confirmed in 35 other countries and territories, including in Russia. The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern.