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Christchurch Carnage: Protests Being Held Countrywide

KARACHI: The condemnation and condolence over the death of 49 Muslims in mosques attack in New Zealand being poured in countrywide as people in the large number held protests across the country.

Karachi: The people in large numbers gathered and offered funeral prayers in absentia of 49 dead and later held a rally.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) workers held a rally in Karachi’s Lassi Goth, Bhitai Chowk, headed by party leader Haleem Adil Sheikh and member national assembly, Saifur Rehman.

Addressing to the protesters Haleem Adil said that the carnage in New Zealand was the worst shape of terrorism.

Lahore: addressing a press conference at the Sacred Heart church, Chairman National Commission for inter-faith Conversation Arch Bishop Sabsitain Francis said that the NZ incident was more than the terrorism as the attack on mosques was not alone, therefore the group or organization behind the carnage should be exposed.

“Giving exemption to terrorist by declaring him mentally retorted will not be accepted at any cost,” he warned.

The head of all sect board Maulana Asim Makhdoom said that no religion in the world gave the lesson of terrorism as it has become a separate religion.

The Muslim and Christian community have the view that the current year is being observed as the year of inter-tolerance and amid such a good thinking attack was an attempt to sabotage the peace efforts.