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Civil Court Issues Arrest Warrant of Tariq Teddy

LAHORE: A civil court on Friday issued arrest warrants for stage comedian Tariq Teddy over the charges of not paying expenses to his children. 

The court has issued the arrest warrants on the petition of his wife Asma and appointed a bailiff with a direction to arrest Tariq Teddy and produce him before the court by June 13.

In a petition, Tariq’s wife maintained that he has not been paying expenses to his daughters despite court orders.

She implored the court to summon Teddy and make him fulfill his responsibility.

The petitioner contended in her application that Tariq Teddy banished her upon the birth of two daughters.

The court called Teddy several times but he didn’t appear before the court.

The continuous noncompliance on the part of Tariq Teddy forced the court to issue his arrest warrants.