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CJP Takes Notice Of ECP Ban On Public Sector Recruitment

Islamabad (April 23, 2018): Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to clarify the reason behind banning recruitment in government institutions.

Taking a suo motu notice of the matter on Monday, the chief justice questioned the ECP secretary, who was present in court, about the law under which they banned recruitments by public institutions.
The chief justice asked if the ECP’s decision will be implemented on important institutions as well, where appointments of heads were under way.

To this, the ECP secretary said the responsibility for fair elections falls with them under the Elections Act, 2017, which is why they were taking measures to ensure the purpose is fulfilled.

The chief justice then asked if such a decision will affect government functions. The hearing was then adjourned until Tuesday and notices were issued to the attorney general and advocates general.

He also spoke about the reason behind taking a suo motu on the decision, saying he took the step in a move to ensure the general elections are held on time.

He remarked that complaints over appointments are also filed in the high court, but they try to wrap such cases at the earliest.

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Earlier in the day, the chief justice directed all the provinces to devise a plan setting priorities as to who would be provided government security and submit it to the apex court within a week.

He was presiding over a suo moto case pertaining to VVIP protocols given to the unauthorized persons at the apex court Islamabad and asked the provincial advocate generals over the government security given to the people in their provinces.

The chief justice said that objections were raised over withdrawing security from media and some other people and directed to do not withdraw the security from those facing threats as the court do not want to put anyone’s life in danger.Give security to the Nawaz Sharif as a former prime minister, he remarked and further asked if security is provided to ANP Chief Asfandyar Wali, whose party was at the forefront while facing the Taliban onslaught in KPK province.

He said that unauthorized persons who were given security from Punjab government are causing the national exchequer burden of Rs 1.38 billion. “It is the responsibility of the police to determine who needs security,” the CJP maintained adding that the security was withdrawn from 4600 people in Punjab province which also includes deployment of plain-clothed personnel after SC orders.IGP Islamabad told the court that they provided security as per the list given by the interior ministry and it is also regulated as per new security protocols.

The chief justice directed the provinces to devise a proper mechanism for provision of security and submit it within a week.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Punjab government on Saturday withdrew police security from the unauthorised individuals in the province on the directives of Supreme Court.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar had ordered all the provincial police chiefs on Thursday to withdraw the additional security provided to the unauthorised officials, following which the Inspector General Police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Salahuddin Mehsud, complied with the order.According to a report by IGP Punjab, as many as 4,610 policemen have reported back to their respective police stations, in compliance with the apex court’s directives.

According to well-placed sources, as many as 1853 individuals have been stripped off the additional security, provided to them by the Punjab police.

‘1347 police personnel had been deployed with 297 politicians while 527 police officers were also keeping security in Punjab’ said the sources.

Around 4,000 policemen returned to actual police duty in Karachi only after the Sindh Inspector General Police AD Khowaja on Friday ordered the immediate withdrawal of security protocol provided to influential individuals not entitled to official security.

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