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Clerics Declare Suicide Attacks In Pakistan ‘Haram’  

Karachi (January 16, 2018): Over 1,800 Ulema from different schools of thoughts have issued a Fatwa (Islamic ruling) declaring suicide attacks in Pakistan Haram (forbidden).

Details of the Fatwa signed by 1829 clerics in Pakistan emerged on Monday. The ruling states that those who commit suicide attacks, those who order such attacks, those who train such people are all considered rebels against the true spirit of Islam.

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The ruling further states that the State of Pakistan is in the right to act against such people.Image result for suicide attack shrineIt outlined clearly that the act of waging war and bloodshed in the name of Jihad can only be initiated by the State. Those who impose their viewpoints on by force are responsible for spreading mischief on earth (Fasad fil Arz).The ruling also states that in Pakistan, armed conflict in the name of Islamic Law (Shariyat) is forbidden (Haram).

The document, signed by the clerics from all schools of thought, will be presented under the title Peghaam-e-Pakistan at a ceremony which will be held at the Presidency on today.

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