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CM Baluchistan Announces Resistance Over Removing Chairman Senate

QUETTA: Chief Minister Baluchistan Jam Kamal on Sunday called on Chairman Senate Saddiq Sanjrani and decided to show resentment over his removal.

Sources said that Chief Minister Baluchistan Jam Kamal has become active against any bid to remove the Chairman Senate Saddiq Sanjrani for the purpose he met the Chairman Senate today at his residence in Quetta.

Sources said that senators and members of National Assembly belonging to Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) were also present at the meeting besides Federal Ministers Azam Sawati and Zubaida Jalal.

At the occasion, members of the BAP and along with the CM expressed solidarity with the Chairman Senate.

Chief Minister Baluchistan said that the designation of Chairman Senate should not be politicized adding that it is the constitutional post.

Talking to Chairman Senate, he ensured “we are stood with you.”