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CM Sindh Slams IG Kaleem Imam In SA

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah regretted Thursday that the incumbent inspector-general of police (IGP) for Sindh, Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, was a weak man .

“The officer who works according to the people’s representative’s policy can stay in the province and our policy isn’t wrong as the people have elected us,” Shah said while speaking on the floor of Sindh Assembly.

Speaking about the IGP’s failures, he said the official was in contact with political parties and had asked them to dig out dirt on other politicians. “He broke the law after he contacted the opposition, as the law clearly states that a police officer cannot contact a political personality for help, he said.

“He had also asked [politicians] to dig out dirt on others as he wanted to do more cases. He’s a weak man because, when he was questioned about his performance, he transferred blame to his subordinates.

“The law says you cannot seek political help, a rule that he broke, the conduct also informs that you cannot go on media, he spoke to the media, violating” yet another law publicly, Shah said.

“When the media asked him about the increasing crime rate in the province he said, ‘Although, I am the captain but when I direct someone to be placed on the slip, he is ordered to go and stand at the mid-on.’

“The IG while talking to some opposition members said that he will do everything these guys say, if the opposition refutes these claims then they are questioning our intelligence agencies,” Shah said.

“People should not play cricket, but do their job i.e. policing,” Shah said. “I can’t disclose everything about him here [on the floor of the assembly],” Shah said, when some of the members asked him to further express his grievances.