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CNG Stations To Close At 8 PM Today

KARACHI: CNG stations in Sindh reopened again on Sunday morning after a gap of 98 hours this time around.

The official time for CNG supply is am to pm but people are wary since last time, supply was closed after just eight hours.

SSGC, the company that supplies gas to Sindh, says increased demand due to colder than usual weather had led to a shortfall in supply. To manage the shortage, it was scheduling gas supply to CNG stations.

Last time CNG supply was restored, it was cut off after eight hours due to reduced gas pressure. To avoid missing out on filling up their tanks, vehicle owners lined up at CNG stations way earlier than the am start time.

Many public transport vehicles operate on CNG. Buses, rickshaws and taxis all need gas to power their vehicles and these prolonged shortages mean public transporters are having a difficult time.