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Code of conduct agreed between PTI, administration for rally

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) mass gathering preparations on occasion of its 20th foundation day have entered into the final phase, while administration has decided to issue passes for special participants.

Two days have left for the  PTI mass gathering which will be held on April 24th  in F-9 Park in Islamabad while the party administration of the event has said that the preparations have entered into the final phase.

The Chairman PTI Imran Khan will announce strategy against the government. The PTI media cell has said that special guests of the mass gathering will be issued passes which included media teams and the party leadership.

As per the media cell no one will be allowed to enter the gathering without the passes. Moreover in general enclosure identity cards of the activists will be checked to enter the gathering.

On the other hand a code of conduct has been settled between capital administration and the PTI. Despite that the government has instructed hospitals and rescue organization to be alert for any untoward action and the red zone has been sealed by putting containers around the area.