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Comedian Mimics PM Imran, Convinces Man To Climb Down

Web Desk (December 22, 2018): Comedian Shafaat Ali came to the rescue for the local authorities as he mimicked Prime Minister Imran Khan to successfully convince a man to climb down from a mobile phone signal tower.

The man hailing from Sargodha had climbed on top of a mobile phone signal tower in the Blue Area of the capital city, demanding he be made the prime minister of the country so he can improve the country’s economic condition and repay debts within six months.

When asked to climb down, the man had said he would only speak to Prime Minister Imran Khan or the District Police Officer of Sargodha.The local administration facilitated his contact with renowned artist Shafaat Ali, who mimicked Prime Minister Imran Khan and successfully convinced the man to climb down safely.

Police immediately arrested the man and shifted him to a nearby police station.

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