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Conjoined Girls of Separated in London After 50 hours operation  

LONDON: Rare conjoined twins have been separated at a world-leading children’s hospital in London, surgeons have announced.

Two-year-old sisters Safa and Marwa Ullah, from Charsadda in Pakistan, underwent three major operations to separate their heads at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

The first operation took place in October 2018, when the girls were 19 months old. The last operation, during which they were finally separated, was carried out on 11 February.

The girls, who were born by caesarean section, were craniopagus twins, with their skulls and blood vessels fused together.

A team also used 3D printing to create plastic models of the structures that could be used for practice. Cutting guides were created so that surgeons could work more precisely.