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Coronavirus Claims More 439 Lives In UK

LONDON: The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK is on the rise as more 439 died from the virus .

Nearly 52,000 new people now tested positive across the country. A total of 5,373 people confirmed to have had the virus have died.

The actual number of people with the respiratory infection in the UK is estimated to be much higher though – as only those in hospital and some NHS staff are currently tested.

More than 157,000 people in the UK have so far been tested and found not to have the virus.

The number of confirmed cases is still increasing but seems to have flattened out around 4,000 a day. The most recent daily figure for new cases was 3,802, according to the Department of Health and Social Care.

The BBC’s Head of Statistics, Robert Cuffe says the number of confirmed cases may rise as more NHS workers are tested. Scientists want the government to report new cases separately for NHS workers and hospitalised patients so that they can understand the trends, he adds.