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Coronavirus: Healthy People Did Not Need To Wear Face Masks: Murtaza Wahab

KARACHI: Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab Wahab said some 1,419 people went to Iran from Sindh; 952 of those have returned and 650 traced. “Most of the people have been tested and their results were negative,”

Addressing a presser in the Sindh Assembly, Murtaza Wahab added that healthy people did not need to wear face masks and appealed to everyone not to spread fear and panic. Only those who were affected by coronavirus should wear masks but others should not.

There has been no new case of coronavirus on Friday, he said adding that the nation was ready to deal with the epidemic.

“Profiteers attempted to bump up the prices of face masks,” Wahab told the press conference, adding that action against mask hoarders was underway.

On closure of educational institutes, he said all schools would reopen on Monday and that the decision to shut them down had been taken as a preventive measure.

“Positive progress is expected in 36 hours,” he added. “The federal government and all the provinces are together. We are ready to deal with this epidemic.

“This is the time to work together. We are all together to deal with this issue,” he added.