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Corruption Is On Decline With Govt Action Against Corrupt: PM Imran

MIANWALI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that it was practice in our country that big corrupt persons were not held accountable while minor corrupt people were grabbed in the past.

The premier was addressing an event after arriving in Kundian, Mianwali to inaugurate the spring tree plantation drive.

The Premier said that the corruption is on decline due to action of the government against major corrupt people while he also reiterated the government’s resolve to make Pakistan a welfare Islamic state.

He further said that Pakistan had to be a welfare state but we went on wrong path now people have to go to private schools for better education and private hospitals for better treatment.

“And the people of Pakistan don’t know the importance of jungles,” he said.

The PM said that Some people occupied the lands after vanishing the jungles adding that those responsible of vanishing of the jungles should not be left with fine but they should be arrested.

“We don’t know the blessings God has given us. How many of you know that God has given Pakistan 12 seasons? How many countries have 12 seasons? Every sort of thing and fruit can grow in Pakistan.”

He said that often goods such as sugar and vegetables become expensive in Pakistan.

“In this country, things should never become expensive because with the land we have been given and the water and seasons we have been given, we should be providing these products to the world.

“There should never a shortage of anything here. It is our fault that we did not make the correct use of the blessings God have given us (Pakistan).”