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Corruption Of US $15-20MN Occurs Annually Across Globe: IMF Chairwoman

DUBAI: Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde, who is currently serving as the Managing Director and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cautioned the world about increasing ratio of corruption in the World.

In her interview with an Arab T.V, the IMF chairwoman claimed that corruption of around 15-20 Million US Dollars takes place across the globe which imbalances macroeconomic.

Christine Lagarde is attending the World Government Summit in Dubai. During her participation in the event’s second day, she talked to an Arab television where she discussed issues that arise due to increasing corruption.

She stated that the IMF had inspected those factors six months back which threaten or weaken the world economy.

In its observation, IMF identified a few factors which unravelled that if any more corruption takes place, then the youngsters will no more trust or rely upon their countries.

Christine Lagarde also addressed the contemprary issue of increasing business tensions between the United States and China. Christine said that none of the talks have went successful between the two countries which may have eased the stress.