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Country exports decline by 14.3 per cent

As the development in economic situation has reduced. According to federal bureau statistics country exports have cut by 14.3 per cent during the several months.

However economic performance of government has exposed as figures released by federal bureau statistics. According to institution from July, 2015 to January, 2016, after reduction of 14.3 per cent in country export it was recorded $ 12 billion 8 crore.

Whereas according to people belonging to industrial sectors the reason of  reduction in economic development was  expensive utilities, increase in Taxes and energy crisis.

In addition experts said that  if government did not give special attention to industrial sectors over issue of increasing challenging producing cost then  exports will  reach at lowest level  of six years. Besides this country export instead moving up has declined  by 14 per cent during the seven months. Now the risk has been looming  for remaining exports $20bn  at the end of year.