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Court Sent 58 PML-N Activists To Jail On Judicial Remand

Lahore: As many as 58 activists of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) presented before the district court of Lahore over strife outside the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) office Lahore yesterday on the occasion of Maryam Nawaz appearance before the graft buster body.

The Chohang police station insisted on an eight-day physical remand of arrested accused before the judicial magistrate Nafis Yousuf.

The investigative officer argued that the accused conducted strife and pelted stones on police personnel and demanded to approve the physical remand of the accused of the investigation.

The counsel of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Farhad Ali Shah advocate filed bail petitions for the release of the party activists. While he contended that the police resorted to torture on the activists adding that six sections included in the case are bailable while article 440 is not applicable in the case as no activist was carrying any weapon.

The district court while hearing arguments of both the sides rejected police physical remand demand while the court sent all the accused to jail on the judicial remand.

The court also issued a notice on the bail petitions and called all the records from the respective police on August 13 tomorrow.