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Crocodile Swims Through Streets Of Flooded Indian City Sparking Panic

Vadodara: A crocodile has caused alarm in a flooded Indian city after the reptile swam into a residential area, hid underwater and followed a stray dog down a street.

The 5ft animal was spotted on Thursday in the flood-hit city of Vadodara, in India’s Gujarat state. Water filled Vadodara’s streets after heavy rainfall in the region broke the banks of a nearby river.

Videos of the crocodile’s progress show it swimming near homes in the city. In one clip the animal can be seen hidden underwater, approaching a dog.

The reptile bit the dog on the back of its leg, attempting to draw it into the water, but failed. Gujarat state officials reportedly spent an hour hunting the reptile through flooded streets.

Clips show men standing in the water, clutching poles and attempting to capture the crocodile.

One eventually succeeded and dragged the reptile out of the river.

Vadodara, a major city in western India, is suffering major floods after 553mm of rainfall in 12 hours broke the banks of the Vishwamitri river. The river is home to around 260 crocodiles.