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Dalit Families Live in Fear of Banishment in India’s Odisha

ODISHA: All attempts to remove the scourge of casteism from society come to naught when the vulnerable are forced to live in fear. One such incident has been reported from the Odisha, district of India where around 22 Dalit families of Repurpatana village under Tirtol police limits are living in fear of ostracisation by people belonging to upper caste.

The Dalit families comprising 200 members were recently restricted from entering the Lord Shiva temple in the village by some upper caste people.

Police inaction has prompted the Dalits to knock the doors of the State Human Rights Commission.

A Dalit leader said the upper caste people do not allow the Dalits to perform rituals at the temple. “When some of our women objected to this, they were abused by the upper caste people,” he said.

He said he had lodged an FIR in Tirtol police station on February 13 but no case has been registered by the police yet.

He said police are trying to suppress the matter under the influence of some upper caste leaders. The Dalits’ agony does not end here.

However, on the advice of local police, the villagers have now decided to construct a separate gate at the temple for the Dalit families.