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Daniyal Aziz nicknames Imran “Qalabazi Khan”

ISLAMABAD: Calling chairman PTI Imran Khan “Qalabazi Khan”, a term which could be loosely translated into English as a person who changes his opinions often, the Secretary general of ruling PMLN Daniyal Aziz vowed to expose the drama scheduled to be staged here on October 30.

Talking to media outside the Election Commission office here Daniyal Aziz added that PTIwallas blame PMLN for not conduction enquiry into Panama leaks though opposition itself has not been able to agree over it and Imran himself is running away from facing the courts.

PTi is falling from within and it is due primarily who makes all the decisions based on his personal likes and dislikes.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has failed to prove any corruption allegations against government, he added.

Our lawyers had come prepared for Panama leaks hearing but PTI’s counsel asked for another date today. Prime minister’s name is not mentioned in Panama leaks, the old 35 punctures and Urdu Bazaar tales are being repeated again, Daniyal lashing out at Imran and PTI said. Imran should abscond from talking lies, he is hiding behind stay order of Islamabad High Court, he added.