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Darul Sehat Hospital Admits Its Negligence In Written

KARACHI: A nine-month-old girl, Nishwa, went into coma after being administered a wrong injection by ‘untrained nursing staff’ at Darul Sehat Hospital situated in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar area.

The administration of the hospital has accepted its mistake in written and has expelled the staff involved in negligence.

The hospital administration has also announced to bear the expenses of her treatment.

Father identified as Qaiser said that he brought his twin daughters to the hospital for treatment of diarrhoea. He added her daughters were injected three drips on different timings. The father said that the condition of one of his daughters Nishwa was worsened just after the family prepared to leave for home.

“An on-duty doctor told me that condition of my daughter would be better till morning if I leave her for one night. A nursing staff member, Moiz, came in and administered a drip.”

He claimed, “The injection which needs 24 hours to be dissolved into the body was administered once that worsened my daughter’s condition and her lips went yellow.”