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David speeds up formation of UK Cabinet

Newly elected David Cameron in general election of United Kingdom has sped up formation of cabinet, while first high-level meeting has been scheduled on May 18 at Britain Parliament, where women and ethnic minorities would be record representation for the first time ever.

After wining majority seats in past general election, Prime Minister David Cameron and his party leaders will form Government solely. PM Cameron announced key members of his cabinet after few hours of victory.
According to which George Osborne again appointed as Finance Minister and he also deploy with the honorary rank of First Secretary of State. PM announce Theresa as Home secretary, Flip Hammond as Foreign Minister and Michael Fallon reappointed as Defence Minister. New ministers are yet to appoint on vacant seats of Liberal Democrat ministers.

New British Parliament’s first meeting is on May 18. Number of women in parliament increased from 143 to 191, while the number of ethnic minority representatives increased from 27 to 42.