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Death Toll In Balochistan Owing to Rains and Flood Climbs to 149

Quetta: Death toll owing to heavy rains and flood climbed to 149 in Baluchistan until today.

More 13 people last their lives after various accidents due to heavy downpour and flood in Baluchistan.

According to the figures of Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), those who died included 61 men and 63 women and 52 children.

As many as 74 also sustained injuries in various rains and flood related accidents. Flood and torrential rains damaged as many as 13, 000 houses.

At least six highways measuring up to 670 km affected by the rains and 16 bridges were collapsed.

As per the PDMA, 23,013 live stocks were died coming into the relay of rains and floods. As a whole corps extended to 1, 98,461 acres were destroyed.
The PDMA apprised further that solar plates and tube wells also affected by the heavy rains and floods.