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Death Toll of Oil Tanker Inferno Rises to 214 as four More Die

Umair Ali Khan

Multan (July 5, 2017): The death toll of oil tanker fire in Ahmedpur Sharqia in Bahawalpur last moth has risen to 214 as four more injured of the inferno succumbed to their injuries during treatment on Wednesday.

As per details, three more injured including a child, who were under treatment at Burns Unit of Multan Nishter Hospital, died today of their burn injuries.

The victims were indentified as Samreen, 10, Farhan, 19 and Younus, 35. With the fresh deaths, the toll of the inferno rose to 213.

Hospital sources said that at Nishtar Hospital some 14 injured of the accident were still being treated.’

They added that after the accident some 66 injured were brought to the hospital out of them 51 succumb to their injuries.

The condition of some of the injured are still said to be serious.

Another  injured being treated in Junnah burnt unit in Lahore also died today.

Hospital sources said the 95 per cent body of Muhammad Irfa, 25, was burnt during the tragedy, however he could not be succumbed to his injuries today.

It is to be mentioned here that the tanker carrying fuel burst into flames near Ahmedpur Sharqia on 25 June.

Villagers had gathered to collect fuel leaking from the crashed tanker, when it caught fire. Dozens are being treated in hospital.

The tanker was transporting 25,000 litres (5,500 gallons) of fuel from Karachi to Lahore.  One of the tire of the tanker blew while rounding a sharp bend in the road.

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